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Welcome to Cumbernauld Theatre

Cumbernauld Theatre is one of Scotland’s oldest and most successful professional producing theatres creating popular theatre. Situated in the beautiful Cumbernauld House Park the Theatre also has a year-round programme showcasing the best drama, music, comedy and dance from visiting companies. Alongside the two theatres there are also bars, rehearsal, workshop and meeting spaces which are a dynamic creative hub for both professional and community projects.

Coming up at Cumbernauld Theatre
The Gardener

The Gardener

Cumbernauld Theatre Company

01 Apr 2017   -   7:30pm

The Gardener is an intimate portrait of a lifetime spent in love with the beauty and simplicity of nature and of the challenges we all meet as we age and face the last great question at the closure of our own life-story.

Moonbeam On A Cat’s Ear

Jabuti Theatre

04 Apr 2017   -   1:30pm

In the middle of the night Rosie, Toby, the cat and the mouse sneak out to play in the shadow of the apple tree. When Toby steals the moon from the sky they go on an adventure across the stars and sea. But, is it all just a dream?

All The Little Birds

Flotsam & Jetsam

05 Apr 2017   -   1:30pm

A gentle, multi-sensory story about the coming of spring.