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Welcome to Cumbernauld Theatre

Cumbernauld Theatre is one of Scotland’s oldest and most successful professional producing theatres creating popular theatre. Situated in the beautiful Cumbernauld House Park the Theatre also has a year-round programme showcasing the best drama, music, comedy and dance from visiting companies. Alongside the two theatres there are also bars, rehearsal, workshop and meeting spaces which are a dynamic creative hub for both professional and community projects.

Coming up at Cumbernauld Theatre
Tragic, written by Iain Heggie

Tragic – Thursday 25 and Saturday 27 September

Subway Theatre

25 Sep 2014   -   7:45pm

A hilarious, exciting and moving one-man adaptation of Hamlet that clears away the fog and brings the great story to vivid, pulsating life.

Dead Sheep Comedy

Dead Sheep Comedy – September

26 Sep 2014   -   8:00pm

September line up: Gary Little, Michael Redmond, Danny Deegan

The Bedroom

Intimate Secrets 2: The Bedroom

Cumbernauld Theatre Company

02 Oct 2014   -   7:45pm

The Bedroom is a contemporary drama of sex and lust, desire and commitment in modern lovers.