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Polar Bears Go Up

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Drama Classes



Cumbernauld Theatre has a vibrant, exciting and inclusive programme of drama classes for ages 3-18. Led by an experienced team of tutors, we offer workshops in drama and musical theatre, as well as holiday projects, taster activities and masterclasses. New members are always welcome, regardless of experience.





Each workshop is specifically created with the participants in mind, designed to be fun, challenging and dynamic. The focus is on finding exciting ways to explore the imagination, with a strong emphasis on personal and social development.


Wee Workshop (3-4 year olds)  

Sessions for this age group are all about creative play – games, singing, dancing, arts and crafts and storytelling.  Activities are tutor led and highly interactive to introduce children to imaginary worlds and colourful characters.


Mini Workshop (4-5 year olds)

Sessions use storytelling and story acting to continue the creative process, whilst further enhancing social skills, movement and coordination, imagination and voice for both personal development and performance.


Little Workshop (6-8 year olds)

Sessions aim to introduce more detailed dramatic content to develop characters and enhance storytelling techniques, using voice, movement, mime, narration or chorus work and facial expression.


Junior Workshop (8-11 year olds)

Sessions focus much more on drama and performance skills. Participants may be asked to respond to a stimulus, using improvisation and group work to create and present scenes to their peers. They will then offer creative and constructive feedback on shared performances.


Intermediate (11-14 year olds) Senior (14+)

Our older participants will use more advanced techniques and detailed activities to structure, create and develop their own understanding. This may involve using text, movement sequences or devising from a stimulus to share work with their peers and offer creative feedback.


Musical Theatre, Little (6-8 year olds)  Junior (8-11 year olds) Intermediate (11+)

These popular classes offer highly energetic activities that explore the combined acting, singing and dance techniques required of this specialist art form. Classes are arranged by age to provide opportunities for studying appropriate content and progressive delivery, whilst the development of performance techniques and working as an ensemble underpin the content of the workshops.



Holiday Projects


The theme for all groups is “In the future there will be…”


The young people will explore this theme in whichever way they choose. This might be creating a time-machine, imagining life on mars or thinking about global warming. As always, participants will work with an experienced practitioner to devise an original performance which will be performed to friends and family on the final day of the academy.


Summer Drama Performance Academy (ages 6-8) 30th July -3rd August 10am -4pm Daily.


Summer Drama Performance Academy (ages 8-11) 6-10th August 10am -4pm Daily.


Summer Drama Performance Academy (ages 11+) 6-10th August 10am -4pm Daily.



Advanced booking is essential. Please contact our box office on 01236 732887.