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Paper Moon

22 Dec 2018   -   3:45pm

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29 Dec 2018   -   7:00pm


Nursery Projects



Cumbernauld Theatre have a proven track record of providing imaginative and exciting workshops in the nursery setting. All of our sessions for this age group are designed to promote creative play and imaginative thinking, combining sensory interaction, music, dance and drama to excite our youngest learners. All our workshops are designed with age and stage appropriate content enouraging learners to take initiative, think inquisitively and solve problems, all with the guidance of our professional team of artists.


Childern will place themselves in fictional settings by harnessing their imagination and creative thinking, suspend disbelief though interaction with characters and immerse themselves in an imaginative world with endless opportunity for play and discovery.


The tangible evidence of the value of early childhood experiences in the arts tells us the importance of creative and artistic engagement at this stage of development, how creative encounters vitally contribute to the flexibility, confidence and cognitive development of the young person and how introducing children to culture and the arts from their earliest age increases the probability of habitual engagement later in life.


If you have a theme or topic you would like to support with a creative workshop then get in touch- as we can build a workshop to suit your needs. For further information please contact


“It was a magical experience for the children”

“Best I have seen in a long time”

“The children enjoyed using their imagination and creative skills”

“(the) session was amazing and at the children’s level”

“We would recommend this experience to other nurseries”


Primary Sessions


Cumbernauld Theatre’s Creative Learning Team love to be on the road workshopping in Primary Schools. So if you have a topic, project or are interested in introdcuing drama in the classroom at any stage then get in touch.


Our team are multi-skilled and ready to provide a range of interactive, interdisciplinary learning experiences which place creativity at the heart of classroom learning.


An exmaple of what we can offer is our xInfinity Project (xfor times).


A bespoke 2 day project, which leads students through creative activities which allows them to experiment across art forms, think collectively as well as independently and engage in an exciting and fulfilling experience delivered by specialist bodies.


xInfintity is an active, unique experience centred on creativity, that progresses pupils through a structured course of activity before concluding with an informal sharing of the work they have created.


Harnessing the natural curiosity and imagination of the participants, xInfinity is a wholly participatory experince requiring pupil contribution. It provides challenge and enjoyment as well the oportunity for personalisation and choice across art forms. Creating the final shared outcome also promotes contributors as successful learners.



For further information about the xInfinity Project or to make a request based on your schools needs you can reach us at


“(the workshop) offered personalisation and choice”

“(was) at a suitable level for all children involved”

“Two fun filled days which the children will treasure”

“All children thought of as individuals and needs met”

“A worthwhile experience for staff and pupils”

“well resourced”


Production Skills Workshop



Supporting the delivery of Production Skills in both the Higher and National 5 drama curriculum.


Over the past 4 years our Creative Learning Team have been working in close partnership with teachers and key personnel across the North Lanarkshire area to devise workshop material to support the delivery of the mandatory Production Skills unit, within the drama curriculum. This has grown into a large scale series of workshops and performances which are offered annually.


This Autumn/Winter 2018, a full participatory programme inclusive of page-to-stage and Production Skills workshops will be delivered around our production of award-winning Scottish playwright, Douglas Maxwell’s Mancub.


Workshops run in the build up to each evening performance across the 1st -13th October. (Please note this excludes weekend performances)

Underpinned with theatrical terminology and held within a professional working theatre workshops are designed to allow students to:


Explore key production roles

Respond with technical creativity to stimuli (Including text)

Generate and develop production-led ideas for a theatre performance to communicate ideas

Make decisions and face problem solving challenges

Work and communicate with others


“Full, rich, hands on experience”

“Just a fantastic, priceless experience, I cannot stress the value of these workshops to the teaching and learning of this course”


For availability, further info and workshop prices drop us a line on or call our Box Office team on 01236 732 887 who will help process your enquiry.