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Greg Sinclair and Perth Theatre

26 May 2018   -   2:00pm

Full: £5    Concs 1: £n/a   Concs 2 £n/a

Created by Greg Sinclair, a co-production with Perth Theatre


ANIMALS is a show about… animals. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones. It’s also a show about us, and our emotions. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones.


From the joy of delivering a new lamb with your own hands, to the pain of losing your pet dog, and the confusion of discovering your favourite cow is in love with a tractor! – ANIMALS explores how animals help us figure stuff out.


“I have two lambs in my house. The first one is called Flopsy and he’s white and the second one it’s patchy so it’s called… Geoff.”


Award-winning artist Greg Sinclair has worked with 6 year olds in Perthshire to make this new show ANIMALS. Collecting the children’s stories about their real-life relationships and interactions with animals, these will then be woven into the performance. Performers Greg and Hannah will use a variety of styles to retell these stories: live music, dance, lip-synching, and film will sit alongside the recorded voices of the children telling the stories themselves. ANIMALS is a celebration of the unique relationships between children and the animals in their lives.