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Play Two: ‘I’ll Be There’ (Up Close & Personal)

A Cumbernauld Theatre Company Production (Thu 18 - Sat 27 May)

27 May 2017   -   8:00pm

Full: £2.50    Concs 1: £n/a   Concs 2 £n/a

In ‘I’ll Be There’ by Philip Rainford a group of friends face the consequences of Alzheimer’s disease.

Philip took up writing and acting as a therapy to restore memory and physical health after a stroke. He set up Theatre Imperative with Adam Tomkins and Honorata Lisiak, producing plays in unconventional spaces.

‘Acting and writing gave me a new lease of life, a second chance and “the stroke” in some ways, gave me an opportunity for a new start’ – Philip Rainford.

Get up close and personal this summer with Cumbernauld Theatre Company as we present a series of 15 minute modern plays closely examining contemporary life. Each night get intimately acquainted with 5 newly written micro-plays by 5 entirely different Scottish playwrights – but each play is performed by exactly the same multi-talented and versatile members of the cast.t.

These short-plays have been commissioned and developed through Cumbernauld Theatre’s national Scotland Short Play Award 2017