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Diao Chan, A Chinese Legend

DiaoChan, A Chinese Legend

Red Dragonfly Productions

05 Mar 2016   -   7:45pm

Full: £10.00    Concs 1: £8.00   Concs 2 £

This powerful new production from Red Dragonfly Theatre is based on the ancient Chinese legend of DiaoChan.

The Empire is in turmoil. The tyrant DongZhou, with the great warrior LuBu at his shoulder, has made an eight year old boy Emperor and is ruling as chancellor. He is systematically executing all those who oppose him and putting their families to the sword, and minister WangYun fears for his life and that of his daughter. He confides his fears to a singing girl called DiaoChan, a courtesan of his household and friend to his daughter, but she is more concerned about the limited expectations of her life, and is looking for a way to make a more secure future for herself. When, at a feast thrown by WangYun, both DongZhou and LuBu show a lustful interest in her she comes up with a plan that could solve both their problems….

This production is performed in English.