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The End of Things

Company of Wolves

18 Mar 2017   -   7:30pm

Full: £12    Concs 1: £10   Concs 2 £10


Directed by Ewan Downie

Designed by Ana Ines Jabares-Pita


The End of Things is a wild celebration of catastrophe from Glasgow’s ground-breaking Company of Wolves.

Watch as the pin is pulled from the grenade, as the sands of time run out, as the unsuspecting foot steps on the cruel banana skin.

What is the end? How did we get here? And what happens after?

Join us as we explore endings, and our all-too- human reluctance to embrace change.

Come for the sheer pleasure of chaos and redemption.

Come and see what might lie at the end of things.


Glasgow based Company of Wolves is a laboratory theatre company making contemporary performances combining theatre, dance, music, and improvisation and searching for what inspires and delights us: the catch in the throat, the knot in the stomach, and the shiver down the spine.

Produced by Feral, developed in association with The Work Room and CCA.

This performance is part of the Manipulate Visual Theatre Festival produced by Puppet Animation Scotland.

Recommended age 14+