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Hope and Joy (Preview, 25th October)

Stellar Quines Theatre Company

25 Oct 2019   -   7:30pm

Full: £10    Concs 1: £7   Concs 2 £5

Hope’s labour is unusual and uneggspected.  But nothing fazes Joy, the hospital cleaner who supports and befriends her.

When Joy is sacked for letting human-bird hybrids escape out the window, Joy moves in with Hope and her swan-boy son Magnus.  Their lives collide in chaos,  Hope is learning to love,  Magnus is learning to fly, and Joy is in an unhelpful relationship with a goldfish.  Can they survive this shifting World?

Hope and Joy is a seriously funny play that explores love and loss in a changing environment using bold visuals and strong physical elements to imagine a Scotland in a time much like ours but not quite.

Ellie Stewart won the first ever Progressive Playwright Award at the Tron Theatre with Hope and Joy.  In 2018, her play The Return toured Scotland, delighting  audiences and critics alike. Caitlin Skinner is an award winning Director.  She trained in Edinburgh and New York and specialises in making urgent, bold, generous theatre for a range of audiences.


Written by Ellie Stewart

Directed by Caitlin Skinner

A Stellar Quines and Pearlfisher Co-Production


Recommended age 12+

Preview, 25th October