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Cumbernauld Theatre Company

25 May 2018   -   7:30pm

Full: £8    Concs 1: £6   Concs 2 £6

Mothers is a unique, sometimes intimate, and often personal theatrical conversation between women as they share their own experiences of motherhood.  Created by Cumbernauld Theatre Company this brand new show is both poignant and honest, telling stories of the joys and challenges of being a mother, told first-hand by those who’ve lived it.


Starting in Spring 2018 Cumbernauld Theatre began working with a range of women from Cumbernauld and the surrounding communities, discussing and gathering their own personal experiences of motherhood, and exploring how being a mother changes with time and across the different stages of life, and as our own children inevitably become adults themselves how the mothering role adapts. This show has grown from those conversations.


Real life stories of motherhood told by real women.


This is part of Cumbernauld Theatre Company’s ongoing We Live Here Too project – a series of theatre productions in which real people drawn from across our communities tell their own life stories through theatre, and through which we can all get to know each other just that little bit better.   We all have a unique story to tell.



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Fri 18 May, 7:30pm

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