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Polar Bears Go Up

The Polar Bears and Unicorn

21 Sep 2018   -   1:30pm

Full: £5    Concs 1: £   Concs 2 £

The Polar Bears are moving up in the world.

They’ve lost their balloon and they need to get it back.

It’s time to get up, step up, climb up, jump up.

One thing’s for sure, the only way is up!


These lovable Polar Bears are intrepid explorers, famous for their wild expeditions. This time they’ll be climbing trees, jumping on clouds and reaching for the stars as they race up to space. Of course, they’ll stop for sandwiches on the way!


Note: The Polar Bears Go Up is non-verbal and deaf friendly.


‘Delivered with charm, wit and a sense of wonder.’
★★★★ The Stage