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Raymonds Mearns – Confessions of a Control Freak

Raymond Mearns

18 May 2019   -   7:30pm

Full: £12    Concs 1: £9   Concs 2 £

Nobody really wants to see a film or read a book about a person who had a great life, was successful in their career and lucky in love, right?

It’s far more interesting to hear about somebody who has made a rip-roaring arse of themselves and mucked everything up…

Just another day in the life of Raymond Mearns – An Argumentative, Raging, Judgemental, Grammar Nazi! He might be wrong but he’ll never admit it-all essential character defects for a successful career in stand-up comedy!

You may have seen him in “Limmy’s show” or heard him on BBC Radio Scotland’s “Breaking the News” but what you might not know is that Raymond Mearns has been one of Scotland’s top live stand-up comedians for the past 15 years- and he’s coming to Cumbernauld Theatre!

“I Loved Watching Him” – Kevin Bridges.
“Improvisational Genius” – Frankie Boyle.
“Funny and Cathartic” – The Scotsman.


Saturday 18th May