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The People's Company - Cumbernauld Theatre

16 Jun 2018   -   7:30pm

Full: £8    Concs 1: £6   Concs 2 £6

The Storm by Alexander Ostrovsky

A quiet rural village on the banks of a river. Simple, idyllic, yet brimming with secrets.

An eccentric scientist, business man and tormented daughter- in-law all have things to hide, as power, greed, love and desire fuel their actions.  But for how long can they stay undiscovered? And when the truth is revealed will it set them free?…

The Storm is a play driven by raw human emotion, the choices people make and how guilt can build to sometimes irreversible tragedy.


Thursday 14 June, 7:30pm

Friday 15 June, 7:30pm

Saturday 16 June, 7:30pm