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The Tailor of Inverness

Matthew Zajac

13 Apr 2019   -   7:30pm

Full: £10    Concs 1: £8   Concs 2 £


Written & performed by Matthew Zajac.

Inspired by the life of Matthew’s father, this is a true story of the impact of war on ordinary families, a story of a boy who grew up on a farm in Eastern Poland, and became a tailor in Inverness, of how a life and an identity can be reconstructed. The tailor’s life spanned most of the 20th century and before settling in Scotland, he travelled and fought throughout Europe, the Soviet Union, the Middle East and England. In a new country, he became a new man and integrated himself into the fabric of life in the Scottish Highlands. This is his story. Crossing the borders from Ukraine to Poland to Russia to Iran to Egypt to Italy to Germany to Scotland, this extraordinary production tells the story of the tailor’s life and his son’s discoveries about his father through music, poetry, theatrical imagery, storytelling, moving and still video projections, costume and choreography.


Saturday 13th April