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UBU: A Bloody Puppet Play

Cumbernauld Theatre Company 15-16 Feb, 20-23 Feb

23 Feb 2019   -   7:30pm

Full: £10    Concs 1: £7   Concs 2 £5

7:30pm Fri 15 Feb, Sat 16 Feb

7:30pm Wed 20 Feb, Thurs 21 Feb, Fri 22 Feb, Sat 23 Feb



Experience the epic true story of Ubu! *

An everyday story of murder, revenge and greed amongst Kings and Queens and as they battle ruthlessly to hold onto their thrones.

By turns Ubu is part a comic parody of Macbeth and part a surrealist phantasmagoria satirising political power, greed and the easy rise of tyrants —taking aim at those who happily turn a blind eye to abuses of authority in exchange for financial success.

Despite being 120 years old, Ubu is still considered one of the most revolutionary theatre plays ever written and since its premiere in 1896, it has constantly been performed across the world. When first performed it caused a riot in the audience. Literally.

Considered a wild, bizarre and comic play, its power to parody the tyranny of the rich over the poor remains undiminished, as does its extraordinary imagination and use of grotesque imagery and language. Jarry explained the play was concerned not with realism and the everyday, but instead with “the science of the realm beyond…the science of Pata-physics” and the laws that “govern exceptions and the science of imaginary solutions”.


Health Warning:

Many, many puppets are murdered in the course of this production. If you are of a nervous disposition or puppets hold a special place for you then you may wish to consider closing your eyes at key moments.


This production contains occasional swear words. Recommended age 16+.