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The Gardener

The Gardener

01 Apr 2017   -   7:30pm

Coming Up

Moonbeam On A Cat’s Ear

04 Apr 2017   -   1:30pm

Coming Up

All The Little Birds

05 Apr 2017   -   1:30pm

Green Arts Venue

We Are Part of the Green Arts Venue InitiativeCumbernauld Theatre is proud to be part of the Green Arts Venue Initiative introduced by Creative Carbon Scotland.

Led by our Green Champion, Jean Cairns (Director of Administration), we are taking steps to make our venue greener by monitoring and reducing our carbon footprint.

All staff have been fully briefed about the new green venue initiatives ensuring that there is shared responsibility.

We have undertaken the following steps so far and intend on building on these continuously:


– Have general waste bins and separate waste paper bins

– Use different-coloured bins for each waste stream

– Put a clear signage up telling people what can go a each bin

Better Kitchen Facilities

– Use washable crockery

– Provide tap water back stage

– Provide good tea and coffee making facilities

– Encourage staff to use the right amount of water when boiling the kettle


– Encourage people to sign up to receive information digitally rather than by print

– Use a number of digital marketing techniques to communicate with audiences about the work we do and what steps we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint

Click here to read our Environmental Policy.

If you would like more information on Creative Carbon Scotland and/or the Green Arts Initiative please visit