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IWFS 2018

In part inspired by the original 90s Festival under the artistic leadership of Dick McGaw, we’re proud to launch a brand new project: The International Workshop Festival Scotland (IWFS) 2018.

IWFS 2018 is an encounter, an exchange, a sharing. A unique opportunity to experience new ways of working.  Challenging, exciting and international in perspective and happening right here in Scotland, in Cumbernauld.

For two weeks in October, we welcome 3 theatre artists from around the world to Cumbernauld… all completely different, but all completely inspiring.  There are 2 multi-day professional training programmes for theatre-makers and 1 artist is bringing a show specifically about his unique method of making theatre, as a refugee from Baghdad.






Enrique Vargas

Enter The Labyrinth

Mon 15 – Fri 19 Oct


Katie Duck

Let The Artist Choose

Wed 24 – Fri 26 Oct


Enkidu Khaled

Working Method (performance)

Sat 27 Oct





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To confirm your place, the IWFS requires a 50% deposit of workshop fees, with the balance subsequently payable by end September 2018.




Enrique Vargas | Monday 15 – Friday 19 October | £250

Renowned Colombian director and writer Enrique Vargas has developed a poetic language of enormous influence in installation theatre over the last 40 years with his company Teatro De Los Sentidos.

As a six year old he invented games in the intricate and labyrinthine coffee plantations of the Colombian Andes. Ever since then, his creative work has been devoted to the search for that same spirit of the very first labyrinth as he develops a  visual and sensory theatrical poetic that fills each labyrinth of life with meaning.

Audiences always enter the installation alone and journey on a winding path along which they encounter ‘sensory portals.’  These portals are co-created  with professional artists and/or community volunteers in each place they work, guided by Enrique’s creative research method. In the dark spaces of the Labyrinth they build experiences, which blur the line between audience and actors fostering an interactive and creative participation of the audience in which they can explore labyrinthine spaces and which, in the end, become an extension of each person’s own memories.

Based in Barcelona and together with his company of artists, Teatro de los Sentidos, he has created works of international impact such as: Oráculos, The Echo of the Shadow and Short Exercises for Dying Well, among many others.


Workshop: Enter The Labyrinth

Workshops will run from 10am to 4pm. These times may vary in line with the progress and intensity of the workshops each day.

We are the questions we live….And some of us spend our entire lives without daring to express them.  Some search for the fanatic’s passion, preferring unquestionable answers. But each of us must search for the most appropriate way to shape our own question.

This unique workshop week starts with a focus on the poetics of curiosity and expectation. Later it will dive into the relationship between body and space. And, eventually explore what a dramaturgical structure means in the context of sensorial theatre. Concepts such as “framework” and “imaginary” and the route from expectation to resolution and ultimately culmination will articulate the process of discovery through the 5 days.

How can we, as performers, be in control of an experience, yet avoiding the “presence” of an actor who commands the stage to make the audience the real centre of the piece? How can we evoke without imposing?

What is the difference between information and experience? How can we create the condition for a deeply poetic experience, which goes beyond mere aesthetics to facilitate an inner transformation?

Guided by Enrique, the participants will create individual and group sensorial experiences indoors and outdoors for each other and evaluate them positively with Enrique throughout the week.


Katie Duck | Wednesday 24 – Friday 26 October | £150

In a career now stretching over 30 years of making performance as choreographer, dancer and movement teacher Katie Duck has collaborated with leading performance artists, often investigating the relationships between theatre, dance and music with live performance.

Her workshops take a microscopic view on the role movement improvisation plays in a live performance combining her background in the performing arts with her curiosity for advances in technology, brain studies, music and movement research.

While touring her first solo show in Europe “duck play” in 1976, that she used the name Katie Duck and she has used this as her artistic identity ever since.


Workshop: Let The Artist Choose

Workshops will run from 10am to 4pm. These times may vary in line with the progress and intensity of the workshops each day.

Creativity is messy. Three choices arise out of this messiness:  Pause, Flow and Exit.   And each of these choices is a mountain of study as part of creating the ‘awake body’ central to Katie Duck’s performer teaching.

The performer needs to discover their awake body, which demands a discipline beyond everyday tasks.  A fully awake body is rarely pedestrian.

There is a difference between seeing, looking and watching. A difference between hearing and listening.

In this three-day workshop Katie Duck guides performers through physical exercises that highlight how the eyes and ears affect movement choices and she extends the workshop toward improvisation sessions by setting a fictional front in the studio space and then declaring this as a platform to choose pause, flow or exit.

These three choices provide the frame for a composition to take place, and that misunderstanding, coincidence, live time, interactivity, messiness, emotions, intuition and inspiration are basic materials in a creative process.


Enkidu Khaled | Saturday 27 October | £10/£8

Working Method (performance)

Can art really save the world? For Belgian-Iraqi theatre-maker and performer Enkidu Khaled, living through the Iraq war, this became an urgent question. His award-winning show is a unique form of creative interaction. He invites his audience to join him in analysing and simplifying the complex process of making theatre through artistic expression and reflection. In a four-step plan, Khaled works with his audience to create a new performance every night, showing how memory, association and tiny fragments of ideas can become a story.

-Age Suitability: 12+

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