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Comedy Sneak Peek… One Night Only!

01 Jul 2017   -   7:30pm

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Summer Drama Academy (Ages 4-7)

03 Jul 2017   -   10:00am

Coming Up

Summer Drama Academy (Ages 7-11)

03 Jul 2017   -   10:00am

Schools Projects

Cumbernauld Theatre develops regular specific performance and participatory creative learning schools projects.

Schools within North Lanarkshire local authority can join our Creative Learning Partnership – a dynamic programme of participatory and performance schools projects that run each year.

If you are a teacher interested in the work of Cumbernauld Theatre or joining our Creative Learning Partnership then contact our Creative Learning Officer.


Three Sisters Project

A Production Project for Higher Drama Students

This Autumn/Winter 2016 Cumbernauld Theatre will be staging the SQA recommended and Chekhov classic; Three Sisters, in a brand new, dynamic and accessible performance for young people, directed and designed by Ed Robson.

Three Sisters is a profoundly moving drama exploring the poignant story of three women and their interwoven lives, as they struggle to hold onto their dreams of love, career and building a better world. Packed with contrasting characters, conflicting agendas and social commentary Three Sisters is considered one of the greatest plays of the 20th Century and is one of Anton Chekhov’s masterpieces. This new adaptation for Cumbernauld Theatre Company relocates the story to contemporary Scotland while still retaining everything that is essential Chekhov.

The performance is part of the Three Sisters’ Project, a participatory project for pupils studying Drama at Higher (National 6) level, which consists of an intensive full day of hands on, in-depth workshop activity followed by an evening performance and supplementary classroom support material for teachers.