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Workshop: Sound on Stage

Friday 13 May, 10:30am – Main Auditorium

A unique one-day workshop opportunity to explore the role of Sound in Performance.

Increasingly the role of sound is being explored as a language in contemporary theatre and performance. This one-day professional development workshop is an opportunity for dance, theatre and performance makers (directors, devisors and performers) as well as digital sonic artists and composers to be introduced to/further explore the creative potential of self-made digital sound and generative sound in rehearsal and on stage.


The Workshop will be led by Suk-Jun Kim, Artistic Director of sonADA ( and Programme Director of Sonic Arts at Aberdeen University (

This practical workshop will introduce concepts and skills related to generating digital sounds in performance using freely available digital tools – you do not need to have previous experience nor be an expert musician – you just need a creative curiosity to explore the potential of digital sound tools in your artistic work either in rehearsal or onstage. You will need to bring a Laptop for some of the work. Cumbernauld Theatre has three or four available laptops if anyone is absolutely stuck for borrowing one.


Generating Sound on Stage is presented as part of EPIC – Cumbernauld Theatre’s artist development programme exploring and developing relationships between contemporary performance, theatre and other art forms. Epic hosts workshops, talks, pop-up symposiums, occasional web-seminars throughout the year and all activities are generally free to participants.

In the evening at 7.45pm there will also be a performance by ShiftENTER – SonADA/Aberdeen University’s coding/performative sound group.


The workshop is free and to register as a participant call our Cumbernauld Theatre Box Office on 01236 732 887.

Workshop places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

If you have any questions please email: